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WELS News & Publications
WELS Together Newsletter:
» Assignments at Martin Luther College and Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary
Last week the synod’s Assignment Committee met in New Ulm, Minn., to assign teacher and staff ministry candidates. The Assignment Committee is comprised of the Conference of Presidents and is assisted by various advisors. One hundred forty candidates were assigned to the teaching ministry. All candidates who were able to go anywhere were assigned. Many Continued.
» Home Missions approves new projects
The Executive Committee of WELS Board for Home Missions met on May 9 and authorized financial support for one new mission congregation and one ministry enhancement. “Even though there was limited funding this spring, we are excited about the new mission start in Houston, Texas,” says Rev. Wayne Uhlhorn, chairman of WELS Board for Home Continued.
Forward in Christ Magazine
» The Book of Revelation: Part 6
Comfort in the midst of conflict: Revelation 12 to 15  Timothy J. Westendorf  Seven churches. Seven seals. Seven trumpets. The next grouping is comprised of seven mini-visions. They are recorded in Revelation chapters 12–15. We’ll cover the first three this month.   The red dragon  The first mini-vision plays out in three distinct but interconnected scenes. We see a woman, glorious, “clothed with the sun” and reigning “with the moon under her feet.” The 12 stars in her Continued.
» Heart to heart: Parent conversations: What’s a parent’s role as a child dates?
What’s a parent’s role as a child dates? It’s not often that I don’t chime in with my opinion on a topic, but this is going to be one of those rare moments. My oldest just turned 13, and although the prospect of dating is getting closer every day, this is not a topic with which I have Continued.