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WELS News & Publications
WELS Together Newsletter:
» Conference of Presidents 2019 winter meeting
The Conference of Presidents held its winter meeting last week. Topics for discussion and decisions made include: The COP will work with the Commission on Congregational Counseling to develop guidelines for congregations that are beginning the process of closing or merging. Guidelines will be made available upon request from the district president. The COP is Continued.
» Your gifts, God’s blessings 2019
“Your gifts, God’s blessings: An annual report to our members” is now available online. The 2019 report highlights the blessings that God has showered on WELS through the gifts of its members. Learn more about ten Martin Luther College students who volunteered with WELS Christian Aid and Relief to help with the cleanup and rebuilding Continued.
Forward in Christ Magazine
» Majoring on the minors – Part 12
Malachi: “The Son-Rise”  Thomas D. Kock It was about a 20-hour trip to reach our summer vacation destination. Since the kids were young, it made more sense to drive through the night while they slept.   I listened to tapes, slurped down coffee (but not too much so I wouldn’t have to stop), and munched on sunflower seeds. Sometimes I’d slap myself Continued.
» A very safe prediction for 2019
Mark G. Schroeder My wife and children absolutely hate it when I made predictions. That’s because my predictions more often than not are wrong.   They cringe when I predict a win for our favorite football or baseball team, because that prediction usually guarantees a loss. They moan when I predict good weather for a family event and immediately Continued.