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5401 Hood Mesa Trail
Farmington, NM  87401
Congregation History

Christ the Rock Lutheran Church has served the Farmington and Four Corners community for over fifteen years.  In 1996, God led Pastor Ross Else to move to Farmington and serve the community with the Gospel. Only two years later, the congregation saw fit to extend a call to another pastor to serve the growing number of souls in Farmington and on the Navajo Reservation. In 1998, Pastor Jim Fleming accepted a call to begin serving as missionary to the Navajo Nation as part of the WELS Navajo Exploratory.

     After worshipping in a rented space in downtown Farmington, God has now graciously blessed us with a beautiful church home on the north side of Farmington at 5401 Hood Mesa Trail, between College Boulevard and Butler Avenue north of Piñon Hills Boulevard near San Juan College.

     On July 1, 2006 Christ the Rock Lutheran Church and its outreach arm, the WELS Navajo Exploratory, became one ministry in every aspect. Although the two ministries had functioned together in the same facility for over three years, the ministries' budgets remained separate. As of July 2006, both ministries now share one name and one budget. From a certain perspective, the Navajo Exploratory came to an end, but at the same time, this important cross-cultural work continues, fully embraced and integrated into the worship and activities of Christ the Rock Lutheran Church.

     What wonderful blessings God continues to shower on his people! We are a congregation that strives to share the gospel with our multi-cultural community. It is the prayer of every missionary to see their mission field grow and blossom. God has answered that prayer in this cross-cultural ministry and has brought souls into his kingdom through his Gospel message.

     The work continues each day. There is still much to do. In some ways we are still just getting started. So please, brothers and sisters, pray for our ministry efforts in the Four Corners area. Continue to offer your financial support, your words, and your letters of encouragement. We are thankful for your help. Please join us in thanking our gracious God for his blessings!