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5401 Hood Mesa Trail
Farmington, NM  87401
Welcome to Christ the Rock

Christ Preaching: We preach that Jesus Christ, our crucified and risen Lord, is the only Savior for all the people of the world. Through His suffering, death, and resurrection we have forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.

Bible Believing: We believe that every word of the Bible is God's Word, that it is completely true and the only source and authority for Christian faith and life.

People Serving: We want what God wants, that "all people be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth" (I Timothy 2:4). To that end, we want to share with you and everyone the message of God's love in Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to join us !

Sunday Worship
Growing in God's Word Sunday School and Bible Class - Sundays at 9:15 AM
Worship Service 10:30am

This Week’s Schedule May 22st - May 29, 2016

Monday, May 23
10:30am - Faith Foundations (at the Aztec Library)

Wednesday, May 25
10:30am - Faith Foundations (at the Aztec Library)
6:30pm - Bible Study: Luther's Catechisms Building and Growing

Sunday, May 29
9:15am - Bible Study: Galatians - You're Free in Christ!
9:15am - Sunday School
10:30am - Worship